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9th July 2016 – Gauzebrook Gallivant

Please come and join us on Saturday 9th July for a 21 mile circular charity walk linking the 8 villages of the Gauzebrook Group (details below poster).

Gauzebrook Gallivant
Please find attached an information sheet relating to the Gauzebrook Gallivant, details of how to donate your fee to the fund, FAQs, timings etc.

A few months ago, I approached my neighbour and friend, Rev. Christopher Bryan of the Gauzebrook Parish, to propose that our Company, Gemini Outdoor organise and lead a “Charity Walk” that links the villages and churches of the parish, hence the “Gauzebrook Gallivant” was created.

The “Gauzebrook Gallivant” is a 21 mile circular walk, taking in the 8 villages and 9 churches in the Parish. The walk will be held on Saturday 9th July 2016, and will take around 11-hours to complete. We will be using public footpaths, tracks, lanes and roads that will take us in an anti-clockwise direction through the Parish from Stanton St Quintin, as we enjoy the stunning countryside and company of fellow walkers. This walk is open to all; however, if you would like to walk only certain stages of the route with the main group, this can also be achieved.

Starting early from St Giles Church in Stanton St Quintin (roadside parking in village), we will head to the village of Hullavington for a breakfast snack at St Mary Magdalene Church. Our next visit will be to the Church of All Saints in Norton, before heading the short distance to the churches in Foxley and Foxley (with Bremilham); the latter sited at Cowage Farm and famed for being the smallest in-use church in England. Heading in a north-westerly direction we cross fields and skirt copses to Easton Grey Parish Church; in its idyllic setting amongst woodland and recently preserved Victorian interior this is a church to marvel. With lunchtime beckoning, we head to the Holy Cross Church at Sherston for refreshment and a great location to enjoy your well deserved feast. After a good break and before weary limbs start playing tricks we are back on the trail and heading south again to St Mary with St Ethelbert Church at Luckington, a popular visitors attraction for fans and followers of Pride & Prejudice! Our penultimate village before the final leg is at the impressively listed St Giles Church on the outskirts of Alderton. Our last leg will see us criss-cross fields and woodlands before finally arriving back to our starting point at St Giles Church in Stanton St Quintin. As we leave Stanton Park we will all cool down thoroughly on the walk back to the village, followed by a well-earned refreshment hopefully at the local Stanton Manor bar. In the event of inclement weather we may take an alternate route of similar distance.

The entire proceeds will go to:

“Gauzebrook Churches Children’s Worker Fund”

Leg Timings (approx. time each leg will start and finish)

Leg 1 – Stanton St Quintin to Hullavington (breakfast butties) – depart 7am / arrive 7.50am [3km]

Leg 2 – Hullavington to Norton – depart 8.15am / arrive 9.05am [4km]

Leg 3 – Norton to Foxley – depart 9.15am / arrive 9.50am [3km]

Leg 4 – Foxley to Foxley (with Bremilham) – depart 9.55am / arrive 10.05am [<1km]

Leg 5 – Foxley (with Bremilham) to Easton Grey – depart 10.15am / arrive 11.30am [4km]

Leg 6 – Easton Grey to Sherston (lunch stop) – depart 11.40am / arrive 1pm [4.5km]

Leg 7 – Sherston to Luckington (cake) – depart 1.45pm / arrive 2.45pm

Leg 8 – Luckington to Alderton – depart 3pm / arrive 3.30pm

Leg 9 – Alderton – Stanton St Quintin – depart 3.30pm / arrive 5.30pm Note: these are approximate timings and may change on the day…

Frequently asked questions….

When is it? Saturday 9th July 2016.
What time are we starting? 7am.
Where does it start? St Giles Church, Stanton St Quintin.
Is there parking? You can park on the roadside opposite the church in Stanton St Quintin.
How far is it? 21 miles / 34 km.
How long will it take? taking into account scheduled stops, unscheduled rest stops, lunch etc…..approx. 11 hours.
What should I do to get myself ready for the walk? walking everyday is a great start; also, we run 7 Nordic Walking sessions and 2 circuit training classes each week so that will help you prepare. You should be fit enough to walk the distance you have signed up for. If you are unsure, please contact Steve. Also, pack your rucksack a few days in advance, and go for a walk with it – if its too heavy, look at what you have packed and streamline it down to save weight etc. Remember we will be able to get water along the route, so you don’t need gallons…just a litre will suffice!

Which direction are we going? we are starting from St Giles Church in Stanton St Quintin, from here we head to Hullavington for breakfast butties, then onto Norton, Foxley, Foxley (with Bremilham), Easton Grey, Sherston for lunch (bring your own), Luckington, Alderton and finally returning to Stanton St Quintin.

What do I need to bring with me? you will require a rucksack, that will contain: water, snacks, packed lunch, waterproof trousers and waterproof jacket, personal first aid kit (plasters, any medication etc), sun protection (sun glasses, sun hat, sun cream), please also bring cash – we will have a cake raffle/auction at, at least one of the churches, plus you may want to get a refreshment in Sherston.

Can I get water on the route? we will ensure that we can replenish water bottles on route; that said, its a good idea to carry at least 1 litre from the start.
What should I wear? this really depends upon the weather and personal preference. From someone who spends his working life leading groups in the outdoors on treks; I would take into account the fact that we will be going through fields and we may encounter biting insects (midges, mosquitoes, horse flies etc), growing crops, overgrown hedgerows, nettles etc; hence, I will be wearing long trousers and a long sleeved thin shirt/t-shirt as well as my sun glasses and sun hat.

What footwear should I use, and what do you recommend? again this boils down to terrain and weather. On this walk, we will encounter muddy fields as well as tracks, tarmac roads and grassy fields; hence, I will be wearing my summer lightweight walking boots that afford me ankle support with a good grip underfoot and I know they are well worn in; and I advise others to take a similar approach.

Do I have to use Nordic Walking poles on the day? whilst Nordic Walking poles will aid your walking and have proven health benefits, you are very welcome to walk without them. If you would like to learn how to use Nordic Walking poles in advance (or after) of the walk, please contact Steve. Gemini Outdoor run Nordic Walking classes in Malmesbury and Hullavington each week; in addition to the “Introduction to Nordic Walking Course” which teaches you how to us ether poles to help your walking become efficient and effective.

Should I report any ailments, injuries or illnesses? it is really important that you inform the ‘Walk Leader’ of any of these in advance of the walk; also, if you are carrying any medication that you may or may not need during the walk you must notify the ‘Walk Leader’ of its location in your rucksack and what to do with it if you are unable to administer it yourself (e.g. inhalers, epi-pen etc).

Can we stop to rest? we will be planning in short rest stops at each church; however, if you need to stop and rest then we will do so.
Can I take my dog? of course, so long as all dogs are kept on a lead and under control at all times.
Who is leading the walk? Steve Ellis has organised the walk and will be leading it. Steve is an International Mountain Leader, and is the founder/owner of Gemini Outdoor who specialise in trekking, fitness and Nordic Walking.
How much will it cost me to join the walk? £21pp or £5 per leg (see below).
Can I just do a section of the walk, and how much will it cost? the walk is split up into ‘legs’ and where possible we will stick to the times at which we will be arriving at and leaving each leg. Each leg corresponds to a church, hence this is start place for each ‘leg’; the cost for each leg is £5. It is the individuals responsibility to make their own way to the start of a ‘leg’ and to find their own way from completion of a ‘leg’. You will need to let Steve know that you are intending to undertake a particular leg.
Where does the entry fee go? All proceeds will go directly to the Gauzebrook Churches Children’s Worker Fund.
How do I enter? To book your Entry please visit the JustGiving page below or contact for more information:
• Entry fees (click on the link to Donate) – Gauzebrook Gallivant
• Information – Steve Ellis – 07755267959 –

Information sheet kindly produced by Gemini Outdoor

For more information about Nordic Walking, Personal Training, Hill & Mountain Courses, UK & Overseas Trekking Holidays, please contact us or view our website at


Alternately, if you would like to support the Charity and donate through my JustGiving page, you can do so by clicking here – thank you. This is a really worthy cause and the work done by Becky Fisher is helping throughout the Parish – my own daughter included!
Please feel free to share this and the attached poster with your friends and family – the more support the better!

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