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Go for a walk!!

Taking a walk may not just be a mode of getting you from A to B, or even another great way to get fit; there are so many more things that the simple act of placing one foot in front of the other repeatedly can offer. Walking is a great ‘leveller’, as two (or more) people walk side-by-side they are in essence […]

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Gear Review – Gloves

Whether to wear gloves is always a discussion that is very subjective, some like to wear them all the time, some like them only when it is cold or rain, and some of us prefer not to wear them at all… Rhiannon has put pen to paper and told us about her lovely new Nordic […]

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Journey of Discovery

Watching Simon Reeves presenting his Pilgrimage documentaries on BBC2, I couldn’t help but reflect on our journey of discovery we undertook in 2005. Michelle and I left perfectly secure and stable jobs to explore and further feed our need for adventure. We set off from Hendaye on the Atlantic coast a short hop from the Spanish […]

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46 hours in Chamonix

Leaving home early on Friday morning, I experienced the same tingling excitement in my stomach that I had the very first time I went to the Alps – a sense of anticipation and another adventure lay ahead. Yet this time I wasn’t on holiday or training, it was a journey of education. As the plane […]

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