Fiona Burton

Nordic Walking Leader

Fiona Burton

Joining us in the Spring of 2014 as a member of our Nordic Walking group, Fiona has gone from strength to strength in setting and achieving her health & fitness goals over and over again, as well as introducing husband Keith to our great activity. Her commitment to getting and keeping fit and healthy have shown no boundaries, setting her sights on treks overseas, hill and mountain courses, as well as attending practically every Nordic Walking session we deliver. In 2015, she became the Ladies 20km Champion at the Nordic Walking Challenge Series event at Lydiard Park. Fiona has joined the Gemini Outdoor Team as a Nordic Walking Leader, and will be using her vast experience in guiding you to all the places we love to Nordic Walk in and around Malmesbury.

Fiona says “I joined Gemini Nordic Walking in April 2014 as a very unfit sixty something, who had just recovered from back surgery for arthritis and having never walked up anything that qualified as a mountain in my life. Jumping in at the deep end, I went straight for the Intro Course day, after which I couldn’t move for a few days. However, with the encouragement of Steve and his merry band of Nordic walkers, I soon got into the groove and realised I had finally found the fitness regime that was right for me. Two years on and I am a complete addict, walking 5 or 6 times a week with Gemini Outdoor, as well as having been inspired to go trekking, tackle mountains, enter races and Nordic walk a marathon. Next challenge?”

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“I hate exercise but I LOVE Nordic Walking! It’s the only form of exercise that I have ever stuck to…”