Rhiannon Parry

INWA Nordic Walking Instructor

Rhiannon Parry

Rhiannon has been Nordic Walking with us almost since we started – first as a client, then as a Leader and now as a fully qualified INWA Nordic Walking Instructor – this Instructor definitely knows that “Nordic Walking Works!”.

Rhiannon uses her extensive knowledge of Malmesbury and surrounding areas to deliver fun and challenging Nordic Walks, which she did splendidly as a Nordic Walking Leader and now ably does as a INWA Nordic Walking Instructor.

Rhiannon is also a regular attendee at our Nordic Walking Fitness Sessions, as she develops her fitness, technique and greater depth of all things Nordic Walking. Rhiannon was a pivotal member of our Cotswold Way Team, ensuring that we were delivered to the correct starting venue, and were regularly met with food, water and a smile – without her boundless efforts and enthusiasm we would have faced an even harder task.

Rhiannon’s involvement in the British Nordic Walking Series during on-the-day Registration and Challengers timing through data input and manipulation of results for rapid production of results has been greatly appreciated and you will find her early on Race day at Lydiard Park organising Challengers and ensuring the event runs smoothly.

You will enjoy your sessions with Rhiannon, she is a mine of information and great fun to be with. Rhiannon is excellent at assisting new members develop their technique.

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“I would definitely recommend Gemini Outdoor’s Nordic walking to anyone who: enjoys the outdoors, wants to get fit and have a good giggle along the way…”