What our customers say…

We asked Nigel ‘what does NW mean to you?’

“It’s been a way of exercising that both of us can participate in. We can do it at different rates without the other one feeling left behind. You can put in as much effort as you want. It’s a way of exploring the surrounding area. It’s a friendly group, you meet all kinds of people with vastly different backgrounds that have a common interest and you can engage with each other as little or as much as you want. You can have little internal targets to reach ie keep up with certain Members etc, and challenge yourself at different stages of the walk.”

We also asked ‘how would you describe Nordic Walking to someone else?’

“It doesn’t really matter how fit/unfit you are, you can participate; it’s a way of doing some exercise in the open air; it’s not difficult to learn and you meet a nice group of people who will help and encourage you along the way. It’s a good way of increasing your exercise/fitness in a non threatening environment; its done outside so you benefit from fresh air and mental wellbeing.”

Nigel C – May 2019

Christine’s comments when asked ‘what does Nordic Walking mean to you?’
“(1) it gives me the opportunity to get fit while being in the open air. I love the views and the countryside. (2) I enjoy the technical challenge. I am working on getting it right because I can see how technique improves performance. (3) The third thing is the camaraderie.  It is great to keep swapping companions and chatting as we go. (4) I feel we are all safe and supported by Steve and Dave because they don’t make me feel pathetic if I get behind.” 
Also, ‘how would you describe Nordic Walking to someone else?’
“When explaining Nordic Walking to others I say all of the above but I emphasise that it is very technical and gives a full body workout and that’s why it is different from just hiking.”
“As a footnote, I just want to say I am loving it. David gave me some really brilliant lessons last Friday which I appreciated hugely. He helped me understand how the technique works. I know you have explained time and again but I need the repetition!  He’s given me a lot to work on. Thank you both.”
Christine Maclachlan – May 2019

Jill’s assessment as she starts her Nordic Walking journey…

“This type of exercise is really working for me, I can really feel my fitness level improving.”

Jill K – March 2019

Roy’s thoughts on his “Trek Fit Training” experience…

“Really enjoyed the challenging TFT sessions through last winter, a good incentive to get up on those dark mornings (I especially enjoyed the frosty ones where we soon got warm!). A great fitness improver that helped get me to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro with Steve and the Gemini Outdoor team in March 2018.”

Roy Pentecost – October 2018

Helen’s views of her “Tuscany Trails 2016” experience…

Accommodation…  “A stunning setting with beautiful views, fantastic food, warm welcoming hosts and really lovely and comfortable rooms”

Walking Routes“Pleasingly varied, extremely interesting and pleasantly challenging. Each day was different – one day crunching through chestnut woods and across vineyards, another high up on a rocky mountain, another passing through mountain meadows with the occasional cow looking on…”

Leader“Well organised and prepared. Very knowledgable about the area where we stayed and where we walked (and the different varieties of grappa available at our accommodation!). Fun, friendly and entertaining. Nothing was too much trouble.” 

Itinerary“Very well thought through itinerary. Everything well organised. Plenty of variety throughout the week and a real treat in the middle of our stay to have a day to visit a beautiful city. Thoroughly enjoyed our evenings out as well as the home made suppers that we had back at the accommodation with our hosts. Our ritual coffee/gelato stops after our walks also definitely went down a treat!”

Highly recommended
Helen Evans – October 2016

“I have just returned from a fantastic mountain walking holiday in the Pyrenees with Gemini Outdoors and the very knowledgeable International Mountain Leader Steve Ellis.”

Tracey McCarthy – September 2018


“Steve was my College Tutor whilst I was on the BTEC National Diploma in Outdoor Adventure. From Day 1, I knew the 2-you ear course the right choice.”

Tom Coombe – January 2015


“Summer 2014, the wrong side of 50, overweight, poor health and constantly tired so I decided, with my sister in law’s encouragement, to try Nordic Walking.”

Gill C – April 2015


“Thank you for a great day with good company, and developing understanding of the principles of Nordic walking.”

Susie – Introduction to Nordic Walking Course – Jan 2015

“Thank you Steve. We both had a great day and I think you may have converted Clive!”

Gill – Introduction to Nordic Walking Course – Jan 2015

“Steve’s approach to Nordic Walking has provided the perfect catalyst to getting fit again, and enjoying the process.”

Julie – Aug 2013


“Steve is one of the most forward thinking and creative people I have had the pleasure to work alongside in the outdoors.

Gary Daines, International Mountain Leader, Big Smiles Adventure


“I hate exercise but I LOVE Nordic Walking! It’s the only form of exercise that I have ever stuck to (3 years now) and I put that down to two things:”

Barbara Robinson, Brinkworth, Wilts – July 2013


“My fitness level has increased dramatically since I started walking AND I’ve lost a stone and a half. I can’t recommend Steve and Gemini Nordic Walking highly enough so pull on your walking shoes and come join us. You won’t regret it!”

Carol Burns, Swindon – Aug 2013

“The flyer for the Nordic Walking introductory course immediately caught my eye. This was something I could do, it was in the great outdoors (I never was a gym rat) and showed a friendly group of ordinary people – like me – with not a scrap of lycra in sight.”


“Steve has been working with me on improving my fitness levels since January 2012 (for once a New Years resolution was stuck to) through his Nordic Walking classes.”

Chris Burns, EMEA Customs Manager at Intel Corporation – July 2012


“Steve really made a difference to my son’s understanding of the great outdoors, even I came away with map reading skills I thought I would previously never master – Great time, great guy, great fun.”

Adele Thackray – North Wales

“Both my fiancé and I hate running, but know that aerobic exercise is the best way to loose the dreaded Christmas pounds.

Sarah – Jan 2012


“I have had the pleasure of walking the hills with Steve over the years. Steve is extremely knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and the mountains are no different.

Richard Norris, Volunteering Programme Manager, BT


“I spent two years under Steve’s tuition, on the BTEC National Diploma in Outdoor Adventure, and can honestly say it was the best and most useful two years of my education.

Ben Ryle BTEC Outdoor Adventure 2009-11


“Steve shared his time and expertise well with the whole group and didn’t make me feel an idiot for not understanding new things immediately. He also allowed us to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment. I also appreciated the suggested follow up reading material and suggested websites, and hope to return and complete Mountain Skills Course when I’m a little more experienced.”

Elizabeth – Hill Skills Course – Jan 2015