Don’t Get Unglued!!!

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The following is purely advice, based upon experience in order to help you look after your poles…

Warm Weather

During hot and sunny weather it is not ideal to leave your poles in your car; if you have to, do not leave them in direct sunlight. Reason being…your grips and tip assembly (regardless of which EXEL pole you proudly own) are glued into position, thus hot weather may melt the adhesive rendering them loose. Also, it may be best where possible to lay your poles in a flat orientation in your vehicle to prevent any bending due to the heat.

Whilst we are looking at hot weather, here are a few more tips…

Cold Weather

During cold spells do not leave your poles where they may become exposed to severe cold weather. Ideally keep them in a warm room temperature environment.


Regularly check your straps and wash them. I put them in a pillow case and wash them on a cool wash, drying them at normal room temperature or on the washing line.


Check the paws for wear and replace as necessary. Washing mud off your tips and paws is a good way to look after them and perhaps give them a little longer life (now and again, you may see me dunking and swishing them in the river…).

Collapsible and Adjustable Poles

In my humble opinion, I f you can get away with not collapsing or adjusting your poles to put them in your car…then don’t. Every time you do you put additional strain and potential damage on the intricate workings that make them so brilliant for taking on trips abroad.

Instructor Note: If I use our adjustable poles during our Nordic Walking classes, I make sure that I adjust the poles so as to not damage them through over-tightening!

As always, check your poles, straps, tips and paws before starting out on a session.

If you need replacements please let us know and we’ll happily replace them for you.

Always follow the manufacturers maintenance guidelines.


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