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New bits of kit, innovation and gear deals are things that attract my attention readily, and the advances in technology are forging ahead at a considerable rate. It doesn’t seem too long ago that a 4kg 2-man tent was considered lightweight and for our trek across the Pyrenees in 2005, this is what we carried; now this has been superseded in design, materials and weight to come in at less than a kilo…”oh, how my back and shoulders would have liked that!”

So if you share my passion for kit, you may be interested in the following:

Cotswold Outdoor

Cotswold Outdoor have kindly renewed their fantastic discount deal across all Cotswold Outdoor Sales Channels for active Gemini Outdoor Members only. For the latest discount code please email me directly and I will forward you the necessary documentation so that you can continue enjoying great discount deals on equipment – 

We will also be setting up another private evening at the South Cerney store for you to browse and ask questions of the in-store experts…perhaps, we could have a social afterwards too!

BCH Camping

Our friends at BCH are still offering in-store discount to Gemini Outdoor Members only, at their stores in Chippenham, Trowbridge and Bath – (discount applies in-store only).

A few more websites…

Below you will find a few more websites that our Gemini Outdoor Members have recommended over the years; in addition, to the first one listed that I have recently been made aware of offering great discounts – many thanks Dave et al…


Enjoy your kit browsing and if you have any questions, as always please just ask…I relish any opportunity to research gear!!!

For more information, call us on 07752 567 959 or

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