INWA Nordic Walking National Coach Course in Gdansk, Poland

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“Day One of the Nordic Walking National Coach Course completed!”


I’m in sunny Gdansk with Nordic Walking Instructors from Scotland, Russia, Finland, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, China and Japan who have all journeyed here to take their Nordic Walking to the next level, improve their own techniques and teaching. Already, I have learnt so much that will help me pass on more information to our great Gemini Outdoor Nordic Walkers in Malmesbury, and to future instructors I will be helping and guiding to their INWA Instructor qualification.

For the first time in two years since qualifying as an Instructor, I have had my Nordic Walking analysed and picked apart (by an International Coach); and I am chuffed to bits, my technique and posture is good – I just need to apply more power!

The course is being held at the Sports University here in Gdansk, about 15 minutes from the Baltic Sea. Baltic it was today – lovely blue sky, yet a tad chilly – good job we were kept on our feet and re-learning how to walk!

2013-09-29 15.12.14

Yesterday, after an anxious taxi ride from the airport, in which the driver used the “slam the foot to the floor breaking and, sliding in the rain technique” (just like being in Italy really!); I had a long walk to the old sector of Gdansk. Apparently, it was damaged heavily in WWII, so it was re-built it in the same style, which appears to have been of Dutch influence, possibly brought about by years of sea trading, and is simply quite striking – yet there are subtle reminders of not so distant times – such as a tank on the side of the dual carriageway, and hard lined statues. The local food is very simple and is not too dissimilar to German cuisine. So all things considered I have had an international experience so far!

2013-09-29 15.14.47

Looking forward to more learning tomorrow, prepping a lesson to teach, and swatting for an exam on Wednesday!

Bye for now – or as they say here “pożegnanie”.

2013-09-29 15.31.262013-09-29 15.29.45

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