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With long distance walks looming on our horizon; it’s important that we protect ourselves externally from the sun with a hat, sun glasses and high spf suncream etc. Internally, our bodies are working like billio! Producing sweat through exercise , muscles getting warmer and the effects of dehydration becoming more prevalent!

Important to keep hydrated whilst walking on sunny days...

Temperatures have risen markedly in the last few days….as should the amount of water we are regularly consuming, particularly, if you are exercising or generally working in the outdoors.

Did you know…? Our blood contains around 93% water, our muscles are in the order of 73% water. We feel thirsty when our bodies release water through perspiration at around 1.5-3% of our body weight; however, only a few % more at around 5% and we are in the realms of serious dehydration!

So do yourself a favour and keep sipping water whilst sitting at your office desk, or when you are out and about enjoying the great outdoors; and check out the facts on these websites…they’re rather interesting!

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