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Having been on both sides of the ‘personal training fence’, as a recipient and as a trainer, it is easy to reflect on the benefits of both.

As someone who enjoyed being a recipient of personal training (PT), I loved the buzz that I felt following a session that left me with wobbly legs and arms. Certainly the cumulative effects were outstanding – but it took time to realise that to truly benefit from PT, initially I resisted the messages that the trainer was offering; but then I had a ‘lightbulb moment! I realised that I had to view the PT holistically and thoroughly embrace it in order to make new ‘lifestyle choices‘.

Gone were the days of training really hard in the gym or circuit training session then rewarding myself with a big plate of pie (metaphorically speaking, or not?); once the decision was made to change, each training session either with or without the personal trainer was not an isolated instance, it was part of a much larger picture – one that involved changing bad habits and replacing them with sensible choices (eating healthily, reducing portion size and calorific intake, drinking lots more water than ever before, regular flexibility sessions and more sleep!)

Admittedly, it took time to adapt from years of sports specific training (canoeing and rugby); but once the ‘lifestyle changes‘ were made, the results great. The first most recognisable effect was increased cardiovascular output – I could train harder and not be so tired over the same comparable time; secondly, combined increase in overall strength, flexibility and positive change in body shape; but the most significant change was that of increased energy and mental attitude towards life in general.

As a personal trainer, I regularly see both sides – those that thoroughly embrace the ‘lifestyle choice‘, and those that resist or haven’t experienced that ‘lightbulb moment! I love watching all of my PT clients go through the various stages of their personal training – which is why I never run the same sessions – everyone is at a different stage on their own journey!

Some people train for general health, specific sport or activity; and whether a 5km Nordic Walking Challenge or multi-day Nordic Walking Trek (such as that to Mt.Toubkal in October), each person has their own unique goals and targets – and these are always changing to accommodate the demands of everyday life.

The important message to consider is that we all live in a changeable world, and as such each ‘lifestyle choice‘ has to be dynamic and flexible to change – so don’t fight it, make it work for you!


Steve Ellis is a Personal Trainer, International Mountain Leader and Nordic Walking National Coach & Instructor with Gemini Outdoor. Please contact Steve at to arrange a free consultation to discuss your personal training ‘lifestyle choice’.

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