What did your area look like 100 years ago?

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If like me you are fascinated or even curious by maps and their detail, whether looking for new walking routes in the hills, finding your way to new places to go for walks in the hills, or simply looking around your own area then you will be very interested in this link sent to me by one of our Nordic Walkers after I had mentioned my love of maps and cartography on a recent Hill Skills Course…


By selecting the map you want, and there are many variations you can explore your own neighbourhood, or what it would have looked like through a cartographers eyes over 100 years ago. Even better, by using the slide scale in the bottom left you can alter the ‘transparency of overlay’ and see todays world in satellite imagery mapped out against maps from years ago.

I particularly enjoyed looking at the area where we meet each week for our Nordic Walking classes by the Station Yard Car Park. We all know where the railway line was; but what I wasn’t aware of was the myriad of lanes and buildings that existed to support the local community and railway.

Cheers Ken….a brilliant find, and much appreciated!

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