Join us for a Mountain Day – Brecon Beacons – 28/2/16

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If you would like to join us for a day in the mountains please contact us to book your place…

Mountain Day Plan

The plan for Sunday is as follows:
– Leave Stanton St Quintin at 6am (outside Steve’s house – parking on roadside)
– Share transport to the Brecon Beacons (please let me know if you are willing to drive)
– Share fuel and bridge toll fees please (please have cash handy!)
– Arrive at Storey Arms car park (A470) around 7.45am-8am
– Fan Fawr and Fan Frynych are the mountainous area we will be walking on and around
— Great hill fitness opportunity
— Practice navigation skills (Please let me know if you need to borrow compass, map & map case etc)
– Lunch on the mountain
– Flasks, food, snacks, water required
– Depart Storey Arms around 2pm
– Arrive back at around 4pm

As always, if we have to adopt Plan B, C etc we will do so to ensure your safety etc.


It will be very cold. Temperatures will consistently be below 0 degrees C, added to that NE winds (18-33mph) will make it feel around -10C on summits and windward facing slopes. We may encounter fresh snow and wintry conditions, and inevitably patches of snow and potentially ice, as always we will risk assess each section as we encounter it and adjust our route if necessary to ensure your safety.

You can find the Fan Fawr forecast on this link and the Fan Frynych forecast here

Clothing & Equipment

You will need to wear and carry as a minimum the following:
– Warm clothing (incl spare warm clothing & spare gloves)
– Sturdy walking boots
– Hat, gloves
– Waterproof clothing (jacket & trousers)
– Head torch (plus spare batteries)
– Personal First Aid Kit
– Sun glasses, sun cream and lip salve (high spf)
– Water (if using a hydration system, make sure you blow back any fluid into the bladder – otherwise, it will freeze!)
– Food (put snacks in jacket pockets so they are easy to get out!)
– Hot drink (please take flask – due to expected cold, we will not be stopping for too long to brew up with Jet Boil etc)
– Map & Compass (optional)

I will be taking group kit (group shelter, survival bags, FAK etc) that I may ask you to help carry.


Please also take spare clean footwear for wearing in the transport, along with a poly bag for dirty clothing and boots etc

If you have anything medical that I need to know about, please write it down and hand it to me on Sunday morning before we start walking – I will return it before we depart. Also, any changes to NoK please let me know again just write it down please.

If you haven’t already this week, please confirm you are joining us.

For more information, call us on 07752 567 959 or

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