1st May 2016 – Nordic Walk the “Sarsen Trail”

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Sarsen Trail…

Why not join us on another Nordic Walking Challenge?

On Sunday 1st May 2016, Gemini Outdoor Nordic Walking will be joining 100’s of walkers to complete the infamous marathon distance Sarsen Trail; however, you can also opt for other trail distances that comprise the full 26-mile trail:

  • the full Sarsen Trail 26-mile adventure from Avebury to Bulford (8-9 hours)
  • the 7 mile journey from Avebury to All Cannings (2-3 hours)
  • 11 miles route from Avebury to Redhorn (3-4 hours), or
  • 15 miles trek from Redhorn to Bulford (4-5 hours)

Registration & Payment…

To enter you simply need to complete the Registration Form which can be found by clicking the Sarsen Trail link. The Registration Form and Trail Guide can be found underneath the header below:

Register now – the last date for online and postal entries – 18 April 2016.

STANDARD ENTRY FEES:  Adult – £30   Child – £6.00

Start Time…

Having completed the Sarsen Trail in 2011 in baking hot temperatures, we recommend an early start; hence, we will be starting our Nordic Walking from Avebury no later than 7.30am.

So, you will need to decide where you want to leave your transport (start or end), and ensure that if you would like to join us you have registered and are at the start in time to get ‘pushing the poles’.


Avebury – If you park your car at Avebury (as we are), you will need to get the shuttle bus back to the start once finished and wearing your medal! – if it is the same car park as 2011, it fills up quickly and is about a mile walk from the drop-off point.

Bulford – If you fancy leaving your car at the finish you save your weary legs from another walk; however, you do have to get to Bulford in plenty of time at the start of the day in order to get back to the start at Avebury on the shuttle bus.


We are training now for this event and others, with cardiovascular packed weekly ‘Nordic Walking Sessions’, our fortnightly ‘Trail Walks’, as well as ‘Hill Days’ and ‘Mountain Days’….not that the Sarsen Trail is mountainous; but hey…its a good excuse to get into the mountains!

What Next?…

If you would like to join us Nordic Walking the Sarsen Trail on Sunday 1st May 2016, please get your Registration Form and payment submitted to the good people of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and get in touch with us if you would like to join our training…..it will be a great pleasure to share this walk and occasion with you all.

If you are planning to walk from Redhorn please let us know, so we can look out for you on the day (perhaps with your Gemini Outdoor T-shirt on…) and cheer you on and join us to the end perhaps…

For more information, call us on 07752 567 959 or

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