Benefits of Nordic Walking

Walking in the Alps - Aug 2010
Great exercise in the great outdoors...

The benefits of Nordic Walking are vast; primarily, it is a safe and highly effective way of exercising in the great outdoors; secondly, you can burn serious amounts of calories. Evidence suggests that you can expect to burn upwards of 400 calories per hour; combine this with Nordic Walking in the hills and mountains and you can expect to burn more than 450 calories per hour.

Whilst being fun and sociable, you also benefit through walking in amazing places, walk with like-minded people and experience a fulfilling activity that leaves you feeling energised and healthy. Experience has shown that Nordic Walking with people with a similar approach to fitness benefits us in so many ways, such as our motivation to progress and enjoy the activity. As such, Nordic Walking is a great activity if you want to lose weight and control your weight loss, tone your body, gain fitness and flexibility, and you enjoy the great outdoors. Our Nordic Walking Fitness Sessions are suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender or physical ability “if you can walk – you can Nordic Walk”. We start and finish each session together; however, everyone is challenged according to their own ability and level of fitness during each session.

Many doctors agree that Nordic Walking is one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts because it works all major muscle groups in our body. In fact, it burns a staggering 46% more calories than walking without poles, and uses a gut-busting 90% of our skeletal muscles, compared to swimming and running (40% & 60% respectively).

Nordic Walking promotes natural and fluid movements as well as correct posture, utilises both small and large muscle groups for effective aerobic conditioning, it also increases blood circulation, metabolism and cardiovascular demand, whilst improving spinal rotation. Furthermore, Nordic Walking benefits us by decreasing neck and shoulder tension – often experienced by those who sit at a desk.

Additional benefits include:

  • Through utilising correct movements and gait, it is safe and healthy
  • Promotes natural and fluid movements and correct posture
  • Uses both small and large muscle groups for effective aerobic conditioning
  • Increases blood circulation and metabolism
  • Increases cardiovascular demand
  • Increases calorie burn
  • Minimal impact on joints
  • It works the body in extension
  • Decreases neck and shoulder tension
  • Improves spinal rotation
  • Leaves you feeling great and re-energised!!

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“I have had the pleasure of walking the hills with Steve over the years. Steve is extremely knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and the mountains are no different.”