Trek Fit Training

Trek Fit Training (TFT) was set up to help our members further develop their overall fitness in terms of cardiovascular endurance and strength. These benefits are often associated with some of our more adventurous treks (Mt. Toubkal, Kilimanjaro etc), hence the name. But the word got out that TFT is also great for general health and fitness, is great fun and challenging, so many of our members use TFT even if they’re not planning on a big adventure.

TFT can be tailored exactly to your individual needs. During the hour-long outdoor session, we use a variety of training media (TRX, skipping rope, park benches, sports fields etc) to facilitate a challenging fitness experience.

Steve uses his experiences from the military, his personal training and teaching background helps each person get the most of the time available.

TFT happens twice each week

Wednesdays: 11.30am – 12.30pm

Fridays: 8am – 9am

TFT Prices: £7.50 for PAYG or £37.50 for a ‘B5GIF-TFT’ Deal.

Visit our Personal Training Prices and Booking page for more information and options.

“I have had the pleasure of walking the hills with Steve over the years. Steve is extremely knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and the mountains are no different.”