Hill Days – Pay As You Go



Our ‘Hill Days’ are a great way to develop your fitness as well as explore stunning countryside in areas such as ‘The Cotswolds’, ‘Marlborough Downs’, ‘Pewsey Downs’, ‘Ridgeway’; in addition to other areas. ‘Hill Days’ will generally last around 5-7 hours and will cover up to 20km distance travelled; we also aim to try and include a cafe or pub into the route to get refreshment and use facilities etc.

Our ‘Hill Days – Pay As You Go’ option is £22.00 per ‘Hill Day’. Have you considered spreading the cost of your adventures with our ‘Hill Days – Buy 5 Get 1 Free’ option which means you effectively pay around £18.33 for each session?

You will need to book onto the ‘Hill Day’ in advance, to do this please pay via our website and if possible contact us to confirm your attendance.

The fee does not include any food, refreshment, transport costs, car park or toll charges.