Introduction to Nordic Walking Course




The aim of the course is to teach you the basic skills required to successfully and effectively Nordic Walk in a safe, enjoyable and fun way. During the course you will learn about the basic techniques of Nordic Walking; how to warm up and cool down safely and effectively; pole selection and purchasing poles; a brief history of the activity; learn how Nordic Walking can help you get and keep fit; what other activities can Nordic Walking can be used in; and what to do with your newly acquired Nordic Walking skills and knowledge. If at any time you are unsure of what is being instructed or asked of you, please ask – we all learn in different ways!

During the first few hours we will concentrate on teaching you the basic steps of Nordic Walking, then we head out on a short journey thus allowing you to use your newly acquired skills with the addition of further techniques being taught, and your own style being honed by our instructor.

During the sessions, we ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the scenery whilst rehydrating; with refreshment and comfort stops key to the enjoyment of your Nordic Walking experience.

The course fee is £60, and includes full instruction throughout the course, pole hire for the course, Membership to Gemini Outdoor and associated discounts (continual coaching as you progress and beyond, discounted hill and mountain adventures, and great discounts at Cotswold Outdoor & BCH Camping); it does not include refreshments, snacks, lunches etc, or transport to/from course locations, including any fuel costs, bridge tolls etc.

To book your place on this course, or to enquire about other Course dates, please contact Gemini Outdoor via our email or call 07752567959.