Mountain Days – Pay As You Go



Our ‘Mountain Days’ are a great way to develop your fitness, enhance your endurance and prepare yourself for future adventures involving long distance walks. They are also a brilliant way to explore the stunning mountainous views and terrain of the ‘Brecon Beacons’, ‘Black Mountains’ and ‘The Black Mountain’. On ‘Mountain Days’ will typically depart the Malmesbury area in time for us to start walking around 8am, hence an early start is generally required; however, the ‘upside’ of this is we have a good drive over to South Wales, we can park ok, and we finish earlier than most who start late, thus we have have a good drive home…normally with a refreshment stop along the way. ‘Mountain Days’ usually last around 9-10 hours and depending upon the weather, terrain and height gain encountered we will tend to cover up to 18km distance. We also aim to try and include a cafe or motorway services along the way to our walk, in order to get a brew and use the facilities.

Our ‘Mountain Days – Pay As You Go’ option is £36.00 per ‘Mountain Days’. Have you considered spreading the cost of your adventures with our ‘Mountain Days – Buy 5 Get 1 Free’ option which means you pay only £30.00 for each session?

You will need to book onto the ‘Mountain Day’ in advance; to do this, please pay via our website and if possible contact us to confirm your attendance and arrange transport.

The fee does not include any food, refreshment, transport costs, car park or toll charges – these will need to be covered by ‘Mountain Day’ attendees.